Having skylights in your home is a great investment and adds so much to your home’s environment.  Skylights are definitely a worthwhile addition!  But what happens when Skylights go Bad?  The collateral damage from an improperly installed skylight or an old, worn out skylight can be huge and very costly.  So, how do we avoid these pitfalls to skylight ownership? First and absolutely foremost, HIRE A SKYLIGHT PROFESSIONAL!

I’m here to tell you: All contractors are NOT created equal.  Most have a specialty and I highly recommend hiring people within that specialty.  Skylights are a very specialized specialty!  Stick with people who know their stuff, have a history in the industry and offer the warranty to go along with it!  Finding that contractor is not as hard as you might think.  For example, San Diego is a very large city and yet there are only a handful of skylight contractors.

Don’t be afraid of skylights!  They are great when done right.  They can add an entirely new dimension and brightness to your home.  Upgrading an old skylight can “shed new light” on an ugly problem.  The pictures here demonstrate exactly that!   Get those skylights!  Just… HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

Gomez before_and_after
Before and After….